• The Thing About Life

    Learning To Take Care of Yourself

    You've always had a strong love affair with balloons. Your mother didn't mind it so much, but it drives me up the wall sometimes. But then something happened a while back that I think may have changed the course of your character, and i think it worth putting down into a letter what I think is a milestone achieved -- with a balloon you never owned.

  • The Things Your Dad Does


    Dear Xander, Uncle Mark asked me over a beer had a conversation the other day. He said to me, “Bro, don’t take this the wrong way, but have you always been this cocky?” I said with a shrug, “Yeah.” “Then wouldn’t you be better off running your own business? I mean, I can’t imagine you being able to work for anyone — or for that matter — anyone who would hire you when you’re so cocky.” I replied, “Then the people you’re imagining are hiring aren’t the people I want to work for.” Uncle Mark was just being the best friend that he is to me. He’s also a worrywart,…